What is “Custom” Cabinetry? It means a variety of things, some good, some not so good. Customers may think “custom” has to come from a local shop and can’t be manufactured. Here is a clarification on the process.

Custom can refer to the wood species, finishes, accessories and cabinets that are built to a specific size. Those are a few of the distinctions, below is a chart that shows the differences that we feel are the most important when considering a “custom” purchase.

We feel the benefits of working with a well-established, accountable cabinet company, with set standards and a warranty far outweighs anything a local shop can offer.


Often a single person with a shop.

A well-established business with a state of the art factory and well-trained employees.

Cabinet Build

Often builds cabinet boxes and purchases pre-made doors.

Builds boxes, stress tests them and often build their own doors.


Hand-sprayed. Most local shops in CA use a pre-catalyzed lacquer to finish.

Machine sprayed and finished with a heat sealed, catalyzed conversion varnish.  Dust and particle free, climate controlled environment for finishing.


Often single person who can close their doors at any time.

Companies with 30-100 years of longevity and dependability behind them.


Can vary considerably, dependent on materiel availability, personal needs

Stable and comes with a warranty.


Often use multi-purpose materials which can be lower grade because they do not have the purchasing power of a larger operation. Instead they use whatever is available at best price at the time of job.

Always using “Select and Better” or Grade a kiln dried woods. Can make better purchases due to quantity of purchase.


At the discretion of the shop.Incidentals can hold up finish times.

Accurate, on-time ship dates at time of order.



Local shops are not subject to oversight on materials, finishes or processes used.

Manufacturers must meet all standards set up by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association as well as the CARB 2012 standards in order to ship materials into the state