Copper Hammered Undermount Sink 33 x 22 x 9 1/2" $1,075

Copper Apron Sink 
36 x 25 x10" $1,075
Copper Apron Sink 
33 x 20 x 10  $995

Copper Under Mount  
33 x 22  $899

Copper Farm Sink 
33 x 20 x10"  $995

Copper Hammered Undermount Sink 33 x 22 x 10  $825


Caring for your Copper Sink
  • Copper Cleaners - You don’t need any type of cleaners – in fact you should avoid using any abrasive materials or harsh chemicals on any of our products – these may harm the surface and the finish of your sink.
  • Hard Water - If you have hard water in your area, keep your copper sink and drain clean and dry by wiping it down with a soft cloth after every use to avoid spotting. Hard water will affect copper as it would any other type of metal, and it will be difficult to remove these spots after they etch the finish. You can also help protect your sink from hard water minerals by periodically applying “Renaissance Wax” to your sink which will help maintain its luster and provide better water runoff.
  • Acid Foods – Do not leave any acid based foods on your sink for a prolonged period of time such as tomatoes, oranges or lemons. If you do, the acid may produce a shiny spot on your finish. If this happens, we recommend you clean it with soap and water and wait for the finish to recover its patina – the copper will age with time and the spot will blend back with the rest of the copper.

    You can slow down the patina process by applying a protective wax such as “Renaissance Wax” to the copper surface periodically to help maintain the luster and provide better water runoff. Shiny & Washed Finishes for your Custom Sink